Hypnotherapy is just a great solution to many problems, because it addresses the root cause – the inner /subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapist is like a hacker looking for a virus in a subconscious mind and fixing it using proven and advanced techniques.

Many studies have shown that hypnotherapy can be very successful for stopping smoking, losing weight, phobias, accelerated learning, stress management and pain relief. It is also the only documented successful therapy approved by the NHS for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

However, not all the hypnotherapy is the same, there are hypnotherapy types more effective than others.

Advanced hypnotherapy delivers long term results and makes lasting change.

People often try everything to fix a problem or make changes consciously, with little success. By accessing the inner, subconscious part of the mind where our unique experiences, memories and behaviour patterns are stored, changes can be made quickly and permanently.

Treatments usually take between 2 and 5 sessions, with the exception of the One Hour Stop Smoking programme.